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Refund Policy


1. The Merchant shall not be entitled to any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary losses or damages from the Aggregator or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents or contractors arising out of the Agreement.

2. The maximum liability of the Aggregator and the sole and exclusive remedy of the Merchant/Client for damage, loss, theft, or misappropriation of any Shipment or cash caused by gross negligence and willful misconduct of Partner Service Provider shall be limited to Rupees INR 2,000.00/- (Two Thousand only) per Shipment, whichever is lower.

3. The merchant/client consents to accept an indemnity bond from the partner service provider if it is unable to supply the e-pod of the POD. Under such an indemnity bond, the service provider's responsibility is strictly constrained to the predetermined liability cap.

4. The Aggregator's responsibility for any loss or damage to a shipment that exceeds INR 2,000.00 is limited to giving the Merchant or Client a Certificate of Fact ('COF') from a partner service provider so they can claim the money from their insurance provider.

5. The Aggregator's total cumulative obligation shall not exceed the Fees paid by the Merchant or Client to the Service Provider during the 1 (one) month prior.

Carrier Partners